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Becoming A Confidential Informant To Reduce Drug Charges

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A confidential informant in layman terms is an individual who provides law enforcement information about criminal activity related to a case they may or may not be investigating according to a criminal lawyer from the Lynch Law Group. The identity of this person is kept private for safety reasons, and this person may also be involved in the criminal acts, to some extent as a personal injury lawyer knows all too well. The information they provide is not to be used against confidential informants. No one desires to be labeled a “snitch”, unless it likely benefits them. Especially when family, friendships, or finances are on the line. However, sometimes becoming a confidential informant as it relates to drug charges. Though there are several legal stipulations to consider before making the decision to become a confidential informant, for some people it is their best option.

When choosing to work with law enforcement, always contemplate first the benefits and disadvantages of doing so. This is why it is important to speak with an attorney before any decisions are made when concerning your freedom. In the event that you have no criminal history, there is a possibility you can receive probation for your involvement in a crime, which beats jail time. You may be told that probation would be your prize, when in fact laws vary from state to state which may already grant a first-time offender probation with or without becoming a confidential informant. So, there is no real benefit in becoming the “snitch”. When you fully understand the consequences to your actions you are able to make an informed decision. 

A confidential informant’s work is almost never done. Law enforcement may always want more information from you if this means taking down more people. When trial time comes, you may have to testify or reveal yourself, and if this is not something you see yourself being okay with you may have to reassess. Speak with a skilled attorney that will make sure while you are a confidential informant, everything that is expected of you is clearly understood and agreed upon. Due to several people’s fear of jail time, and lack of knowledge of the law, law enforcement may easily take advantage of you. Be sure to understand exactly what it is you will get in return for your involvement as a confidential informant. This goes without saying, do not participate in illegal activity while you have taken on the responsibility as a confidential informant or you may be in more trouble.

Becoming a confidential informant can be more than “snitching’ with the right knowledge and legal team. It is fine to make demands as well, because it is very likely law enforcement cannot get what it is they need without you. Use this as an opportunity to get your life right, as your second chance. It is tremendously significant to comprehend all of your options before and during your time as a confidential informant, be sure to speak with an attorney throughout your time to make sure your rights are not violated.

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